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5 Easy Hairstyles Perfect For The Beach

Summer is the season for lazy days spent on the beach. But who wants to spend a million hours on their hair only to have it mussed by the wind and salt water? Not this girl. So in the spirit of simplicity, here are five easy hairstyles that will get you out the door looking cute in no time flat.

1. Braided bun

Equal parts messy and chic, this style will only look better as the day goes on. See the full tutorial here.

2. Wavy and wild

For girls with a little bit of texture, spray damp hair with a little salt spray and twist into a low bun. Let air dry, then simply shake out your waves and go!

3. Tied with a scarf

Pull your hair back into a messy bun, then tie on a cute scarf for a retro look. Find a tutorial and scarf-tying ideas here.

4. Half-up top knot

This style is the best of both worlds- it keeps your hair out of your face, while still letting you live your beachy mermaid-hair dreams. Get the tutorial here.

5. Halo braid

Sometimes getting all of your hair off of your face and neck is the best (and cutest!) option. Check out the tutorial here.

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