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Best New Men’s Haircuts

Let’s face it, the men in our lives aren’t always on top of it when it comes to their hair. They usually find a look they like and stick with it for years, and years… and years. And even if they wanted to find a new style, there’s not much out there for inspiration. So we’ve rounded up the best men’s haircuts for 2017 to give the guys in your life a new look for the summer.

1. Classic cut

This classic men’s cut is longer on the top and shorter on the sides. To style, just use a little gel for hold and you’re good to go.

2. Undercut with long, textured top

Calling all curly-haired guys! This style is great for enhancing your natural texture. Style with curl-enhancing cream to define curls and ward off frizz.

3. Classic part with a fade

This retro-looking cut looks great with a little volume and a strong part. Style with strong-hold pomade while the hair is damp to lock in the shape.

4. Temp fade with curls on top

This cut takes a little extra upkeep to keep the lines looking sharp (expect to get a trim every two weeks). Stye this with a nourishing pomade.

5. Shaggy, grown-out cut

This rocker-ish style isn’t too clean cut, and works best with a little natural texture. Ask your barber for a texturized style that is tailored to your hair type and looks grown out. To style, spray in a texturizing spray and separate it with your hands, shaping it in the direction you want it to fall.

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