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90’s Hairstyles That Look Totally On-Trend

As a girl who was a teenager in the late 90’s, I fell prey to all of the cringe-worthy hair trends making the rounds- sparkly butterfly clips, face-framing chunks of hair pulled out of my ponytail, twists with spiky pieces of hair sprouting from them- you know, the works. So needless to say, while there are a lot of things about the 90’s that I’m nostalgic for, the hair is not one of them.

That is, until I started noticing throwback hair everywhere, on both stars and on the runway. So if you’re itching to try something new, here are three 90’s styles to revive.

1. Double bobby pins

This look is straight out of Clueless, and straight out of my middle school dreams. These days, Bella Hadid rocks this style on the regular.

2. Scrunchies

Source: @scrunchiesofinstagram

The most controversial of hair accessories, it takes a confident girl to make this one look great. But when it’s right, it’s so right.

3. Tendrils

No 90’s ponytail was complete without little chunks of hair pulled out to “frame your face.” Now the look is surprisingly fresh.

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