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The Best Salt Sprays For Your Hair Type

Everyone loves the amazing texture and movement our hair has after a day at the beach. But what we don’t love is the dryness. Enter salt sprays. These beach-in-a-bottle products will give your hair all of the sexy bends sans the dryness.

Read on to find the best salt spray for your hair type

1. Fine

This cult classic will add loads of wave to your hair without weighing it down.

2. Damaged

Moroccanoil’s wave mousse contains argon oil, so it will add windswept texture while seriously hydrating your mane.

3. Frizzy

This mix of oil and sea salt will add waves while smoothing frizz. Shake it up before using to get the best results.

4. Wavy

Unlike other beach sprays on the market, this one doesn’t contain salt, so it will add gorgeous, soft waves to your hair without stickiness.

5. Curly

Especially designed for curly girls, this spray is designed to enhance that surfer-girl look without drying out your ringlets.

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