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Four Products That Get Rid Of Dandruff. FAST.

It’s winter. The air is dry as a bone, and your skin is suffering the effects. Your scalp is no exception, and seeing those little white flakes is as depressing as the weather. We all expect to see snow in the winter, but no one wants to see it in their hair. Here are four new products that will get rid of dandruff in a snap.

1. Scalp Facial

Sometimes a deep clean and a good scrub can rid your scalp of buildup and prevent dandruff from happening in the first place. This one includes a brush to help lift away dead skin and leftover product.

2. Medicated Shampoo

A medicated shampoo is a must to treat dandruff, but no one likes to see a giant bottle of Head & Shoulders in their shower. Kerastase’s Specifique Anti-Dandruff line treats and soothes your scalp, and looks chic at the same time. Best of all, it’s reported to prevent the reappearance of flakes for a good two months.

3. Tea Tree Oil

For those who are looking for a natural solution, tea tree oil is a good option. This spray by Earth’s Nectar claims to fight dandruff by killling the bacteria that is the culprit. It also contains jojoba and almond oils to moisturize a dry and irritated scalp.

4. Exfoliating Treatment

Exoliation doesn’t have to be solely for your face. This Kiehls dandruff treatment helps control the flakes by sloughing them away.

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