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High-Tech Hair: Five New Beauty Gadgets You Need To See

Technology affects our lives these days in almost every single way. We have apps to tell us where to find the best coffee, apps to find us a date, and apps to call a taxi. So why should our hair be excluded from all the love? With these new beauty innovations, it doesn’t have to be! Here are the coolest new hair gadgets that are must haves for tech-lovers.

1. Hair Steamer

Steaming your clothes is a great way to banish wrinkles, but we’ve never heard of steaming your hair, until now. Hair steamers infuse your hair with moist heat, opening the cuticle and allowing your deep conditioner to penetrate your hair and moisturize that much better.

2. Smart Hairbrush

OK, this one is a splurge. But a majorly cool one. This brush collects data about your hair- frizziness, split ends, dryness- as well as measuring how hard you’re brushing. It uploads this info to an app, which combines the data with information about your location’s temperature, humidity, and wind speed. What’s the result? A personalized styling plan, with treatment tips and product recommendations based on the health of your hair, developed specifically for you. Bad hair days be gone!

Kerastase Hair Coach, $200 (available in mid-2017)

3. Hair Rings

Traditional hair ties can cause breakage and leave dents, but these innovative hair rings place uneven pressure around your ponytail to hold everything in place without all the damage.

4. Scalp Massager

Everyone loves a good scalp massage, but this massaging device takes it to the next level. The rubber tips vibrate to lift dead skin and other debris from your scalp, and stimulate your hair follicles to promote faster growth.

5. Texturizing Iron

The super-fine crimps on this iron give your hair mega volume and texture without the stickiness of lots of product, or the 80’s-vibe of traditional crimping irons.

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