The Truth: Fantasy Hair Color




As stylists we are suckers for fun, bright, and bold colors! Maybe its just the child in some of us but who doesn't still dream about being a mermaid? As beautiful and elegant as these colors turn out, there is a lot more work that goes into the process than you can imagine. From vibrant red and orange, to cotton candy pink and blue we're here to share our secrets to help you achieve your color hair fantasies.


A little hair education...



There are 10 levels of color that are all accompanied by an undertone. There are three different classifications for an undertone: Cool, Neutral, and Warm.


Now, one of your key ingredients to this process is lightener and developer (20-40%). This product is what allows you to lift up to 4 levels. 



For example, if you are a level 1(black), in one process you can lift up to 4 levels bringing you to a level 5 (light brown). Now, at a level 5 your undertone would be considered warm (red-orange).





The brutal truth is in order to be any pastel, gray/silver, and/or bright color you need to be at a level 10 (pale yellow). If you are starting at a level 1-5... expect it to take time to achieve your goal with as minimal damage as possible!













1// A fabulous color starts with healthy hair


Lightener can be damaging, but it is necessary to

achieve these bright colors. In order to keep the integrity of your hair during the process, Olaplex is essential, as well as conditioning treatments at home. You have to be patient with your journey going from dark to light.


Nurturing your hair is key!





2// Cool Water


In the Winter time I know its hard to turn your water on anything besides hot, BUT it really is essential to wash your hair with cool water. Warm/ hot water will open up the cuticle and allow color to escape. Your hair will fade 10x quicker and before you know it you'll be back in the salon after a week.


Kerastase- Bain FluidealisteBumble and Bumble- Invisible oil shampoo, Oribe- Gold Lust Repair and Restore 
Sulfate free shampoo is a must!  and, are 3 different lines i would select from. When Shampooing try to focus on just the roots, the ends are where you will see the most fade age.


However, even with a sulfate free shampoo, shampooing every day is a big no-no. Dry shampoo will become your new best friend!! I would recommend a dry shampoo from Living Proof.  You can go 3-7 days without washing your hair when being used correctly. 





3// Having fun with your conditioner


You can mix some color into your conditioner! This only works if you are one color, or a mix of the same color in  different shades already. This is a great way to help the longevity of your color in between visits. This allows you to keep your conditioner on a bit longer without risking fading.






4// Avoid Heat styling as much as possible!


 Keeping the integrity of your hair as healthy as possible is always going to be a goal. If you are someone that likes to blow-dry, flat iron, or curl your hair every day, get a heat protectant!!! ( Bumble and Bumble, Oribe, Kerastase, R&Co.)





5// Avoid prolonged sun exposure


It might sound silly, but just like your skin, its not necessarily great for your hair. I recommend getting a UV protectant spray.

You can spray one before and/or after you have styled your hair. 






These few tips and tricks should help you maintain your hair color! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.



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