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How to Keep Hair Healthy in the Winter

blonde newton haircut treatment healthy hair

We often forget that the winter can be just as damaging for our hair as summer. The cold weather outside in combination with the indoor heating can cause major issues on our strands. Split ends, breakage, flaky scalp and so much more. It's important to love your hair equally during the winter too!


  1. MOISTURIZE - Commit yourself to treating your hair weekly to deep conditioning treatments. The dry air means that all hair textures need to focus on replacing moisture that is lost. Hair becomes drier in the winter months because of the indoor heat. Once a week give your hair a good pampering. Slather on a good deep conditioner and leave on for 30 minutes.

  2. SAY NO TO DAMP HAIR - While you may think that it's a good idea to go outside with damp hair, it's actually not. Cold air causes things to expand and that can happen to hair putting you at risk for breakage.

  3. 6-8 WEEKS - Regularly trimming hair especially in the winter can help reduce split ends which in turn cuts down on breakage.

  4. NIGHT RITUALS - Dry air sucks the moisture out of your hair and skin. Using a night serum helps to drive moisture back into the hair. Apply a serum on your hair right before bed (use an old pillowcase.)

  5. HUMIDIFIER - While they may look ugly, there's a wonderful secret that lies within this machine. You're probably thinking frizz. Humidifiers actually add moisture back into the air and add moisture back into your skin and hair. Making it look rejuvenated.

Hope you have a wonderful start to the New Year!

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