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The Art of Blowdrying: 10 Rules

"I hate blow-drying my hair!"

"How do I get it to look great at home?"

"I just don't have time or the patience!"

The "perfect" blow-out is the reason we love going to the salon. Let's face it, nobody likes to blow-dry their own hair. We were never shown how to blow it out at home in our bathrooms as we're rushing to get out the door in 15 minutes before our day begins. How can I achieve a flawless at home blow-out on my own when I can't make it to the salon?

  1. LOCATION IS KEY - "I blow-dry my hair right after my shower in the bathroom." The bathroom is far from the ideal location to create a frizz-free blow-dry. The moisture in the air is not good. Bring it to the bedroom. You'll notice a difference.

  2. 2. DITCH THE TOWEL - Flat roots? Don't wrap your hair on top of your head. Rubbing hair with the towel roughens up the cuticle causing frizz. Try squeezing out excess water with an old t-shirt. Gentler on the hair and will help hair become stronger and shinier. Rough dry hair any direction or allow to air dry for about 15-20 minutes prior to drying. Get that extra cup of coffee!

  3. PROTECTION - Heat protectants aren't just for damaged hair. These products are specifically designed with ingredients which take the abuse of the heat allowing for a silky smooth blowout. Using the right product, in the right way, and in the right place seems kind of like a foreign concept. Ever notice when you use too much that your hair seems a little weighed down or greasy? Less is more.

  4. BANG BANG BANG - Bangs and cowlicks should be brushed into the direction in which you want them to lay. Sweep side to side with a paddle brush for blunt bangs. Side swept is best with a medium sized boar bristle brush for added shine.

  5. YOUR TOOLBOX - The end result is dependent on what use for tools. Round brushes create volume at the root while a flat brush is a great option for sleek blowout. Metal brushes are great tool but it's important to remember that metal heats up. If you've damaged ends, boar bristle might be the better option to not add more stress to hair.

  6. SECTION IT - "I flip my head upside down and just give it a toss!" Ever wonder why your neck is sore after blowdrying? Why you can't just get rid of the frizz? Sectioning off the hair is actually ideal for creating a smooth or voluminous blow-dry. Jaw clips or duckbill clips are great for holding medium sized sections. Let your hair cool on the brush before moving onto the next section.

  7. THE NOZZLE - Concentrating the air flow from the dryer allows for a sleeker, smooth or voluminous blow-out. Take it from underneath the bathroom sink and attach it to the blowdryer. Keep your eye on it as you blow hair in a downward motion.

  8. COMPLETELY DRY - Started from the bottom and worked your way up! The foundation of your blow dry starts at the bottom. If the hair has a slightly cold feeling, thats a strong indication that their is still moisture. If you want it to last make sure it's 100%. Once your sure, hit the cold button to close the cuticle.

  9. TEMPTED TO TOUCH - Think again. Your hands have dirt and oil. While your hair feels amazing, your actually just causing a buildup at the scalp. Nobody wants greasy hair....right?

  10. SLEEP ON IT - Change your pillowcase and sleep normal. Silk pillowcases are actually much better for your hair and skin. Cotton fibers actually act as a catalyst for frizz, especially for curly girls. Think of it as lingerie for your hair. If you really want it to last, wrap your hair in silk!

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