The Struggle is Real: When is Olaplex for you?





Black to blonde in one session? Olaplex can make it possible. Colorists dreams have come true with this hair reconstructing treatment that allows the broken disulfide bonds to be rebuilt during the coloring process. However, when used correctly, Olaplex offers multiple opportunities for your hair dreams to come true.




Virgin Hair


Virgin Hair is hair that has never been chemically treated. Even though there hasn't been a chemical change, the hair still can experience damage from thermal heat from using a blowdryer, flat irons, and curling irons. It's also important to note that whether you are using thermal heat or not, your hair is still being damaged from the harsh sunlight, high temperatures in the environment and even certain water such as "well" water.


Now, What would Olaplex do for virgin hair? It can help repair hair from potential and existing thermal damage and environmental. Olaplex also strengthens and prepares the hair for any future service a client might endure. 




Color Treated Hair


If you have colored your hair even once, whether it was a single process, highlights, or a gloss, you fall in this category!


Olaplex technology allows you to mix the product (No.1) into the color to help control any possible damage occurring during the service. Olaplex No.2 is only used to help repair any broken bonds. Another great benefit with Olaplex is it lowers the porosity in the hair which leads to a greater longevity and shine with your color.  Olaplex technology allows you to mix the product (No.1) into the color to help control the damage occurring during the service. Olaplex No.2 is only used after the service to help repair any broken bonds. 







Naturally Textured Hair


Whether you have Virgin hair or colored hair, if your hair has been damaged by chemicals, thermal heat, or the environment and your curl just doesn't seem to bounce anymore- Olaplex is here for you!


The Olaplex technology helps rebuild and reconstruct the hair follicle to help bring back the shape of your curl. Olaplex does improve your moisture retention, BUT it is not a moisturizing treatment. For optimal results, get the Olaplex stay at home treatment No.3 and follow that with a conditioning treatment/mask for even better results!





Will i notice a difference?


You will notice a difference every time you use this treatment, It is not a one and done product. Olaplex should be used every 4-6 weeks to notice optimal results. All we want is more vibrant, shiny, and bouncy hair! Olaplex is for EVERYONE! When used correctly it has the ability to bring your hair "back to life." This treatment helps protect your hair and make it stronger than it ever was before. Ask your stylist about the Olaplex system today!



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