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Should You Be Conditioning Before You Shampoo?

It’s a routine that’s so ingrained, we could practically do it in our sleep: shampoo, rinse, then condition, right? A no brainer. Well, there are some hair-care brands that are debuting products that require us to do the exact opposite, and are promising killer hair as a result. We’re talking volume, shine, smoothness and more. So get ready to shake up your shower routine, and read on to find out if you should be conditioning your hair before you shampoo.

Who can benefit from this shower switch? The best candidates are those with thin hair, hair that is highlighted, tangles easily, or is prone to greasiness. Applying your conditioner first adds moisture without weight, and primes the hair for shampoo, ensuring that it distributes evenly throughout your mane.

So should you grab your regular conditioner and go to town? You could, but you’ll get the best results from products specifically designed for this process. Kerestase’s Resistance Therapiste line is a great option to try. It uses a protein-rich plant extract to strengthen your locks, and smooths and hydrates even the most damaged hair.

The in-shower process is relatively simple. Saturate your hair with conditioner from roots to ends, then rinse and follow up with shampoo. If your hair is extra course or thick, you may want to follow up the shampoo with another round of conditioner.

The extra moisture you get with this routine is especially beneficial during those cold winter months when our hair can take a beating. So there’s no need to start the hunt for a perfect deep conditioner, just reverse your shower order for beautiful, volumized, hydrated hair.

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