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How To Choose The Right Type Of Massage For You

Massage has many health benefits, and feels great, but when faced with the plethora of options on a salon’s service menu, it’s hard to know exactly which one to choose. Never fear! We are here to help you decide which type of massage will be of most benefit to you, so you can head into to your appointment with confidence. Read on to learn which type of massage is right for you.

Swedish massage: A whole body, therapeutic massage that eases tight muscles and joints. This type of massage increases oxygen flow to the muscles, releases toxins, and leaves you feeling relaxed. This is the type of massage that people are most familiar with.

Best for: First-timers, those who need a little stress release, or a couple’s massage

Deep tissue massage: Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. This type of massage works your muscles right down to the bone, and can be very intense or possibly painful. You usually feel sore right after massage, but should feel better within a couple of days.

Best for: Those with chronic tension, stiff neck or shoulders, or alongside physical therapy to help break up scar tissue.

Sport massage: Designed to relieve muscle soreness, reduce swelling, promote flexibility and prevent injuries, sport massage combines techniques from Swedish massage and others. This type of massage is relaxing, and can calm anxiety before a big race or game.

Best for: Athletes or other active people who want to perform at their best.

Prenatal massage: Helps with swelling, circulation, and other pregnancy-induced aches and pains. The practitioner positions you to accommodate your growing belly, and to relieve stress on your lower back.

Best for: Pregnant women

Lymphatic massage: A gentle pressure technique that’s used to move waste fluid away from damaged areas in the body, usually caused by the removal of lymph nodes.

Good for: Those with lymphedema.

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