5 Easy Styles for Great Second-Day Hair


The first day after you wash your hair you always look great, that’s a given. But did you know that your hair can look even better on the second day? The extra dirt and oil on your strands give you a little grit, calm frizz and boost shine, which makes for some seriously awesome locks. So give your shampoo a break with these five easy hairstyles to try on second-day hair.


1. Pull your hair back into a messy low bun.


Tutorial here via abeautifulmess.com

📸 Tutorial here via abeautifulmess.com 



2.  Separate out your bangs for volume at the crown.


📸 Tutorial here via loxabeauty.com



3. Got curls? Revive them with water and a little leave-in conditioner.



📸 Tutorial here via thebeautydepartment.com



4. Try a crisscross ponytail.

📸 Tutorial here via popsugar.com


5. If all else fails, wrap a scarf around it.

📸 Tutorial here via keikolynn.com




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