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The Best Brushes For Every Hair Type

Brushes: the most basic of all hair tools. But for such a simple product, there are a surprising number of choices. And the perfect brush for you depends on your hair type and the look you want to achieve. So which hair brush should you choose? Check out this guide to find out.

Flat Brush

Perfect for a straight blow dry, flat brushes can also be used to massage the scalp while detangling hair. They’re also good for brushing through curled hair to soften the look. Aveda’s wooden paddle brush is our favorite.

Boar Bristle Brush

Great for smoothing and distributing your hair’s natural oils from root to tip, devotees of this brush say their hair is healthier and shinier after brushing. The Mason Pearson is a pricey classic, but we hear it’s worth every penny. Not quite ready to drop $200 on a brush? Sonia Kushak’s Hair Brush (just $15 at Target!) is a great budget option.

Round Brush

This brush’s metal base heats up when used with a blow dryer, making short work of smoothing thick hair. Sephora’s Bounce: Medium Round Brush is a good option that won’t break the bank. Got a little more to spend? We love Bumble and Bumble’s Round Brush. This brush doesn’t have the metal base, but the dense bristles grip hair for a smooth and shiny look.

Wide-tooth Comb

Wide-tooth combs are perfect for detangling any type of hair, but they’re especially great for curly girls. Keep one in the shower to comb through your hair while it’s saturated with conditioner to prevent breakage. Ouidad’s Double Detangler Comb is a good option.

Detangling Brush

With super firm, plastic bristles, the Tangle Teezer is perfect for getting knots out of even the thickest hair. Use on wet or dry locks to detangle painlessly.


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