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How to Get Gorgeous Post-Workout Hair

We all know that hitting the gym can give you an amazing bod. Your hair, on the other hand, takes a beating. Ponytails, sweat and the humidity of the locker room can leave your hair looking frizzy and limp. But there’s no need to run to get a blowout to salvage your ‘do. Follow these tips for amazing post-workout hair.

1. Twist it out

Before your workout, apply some smoothing serum and braid your damp hair or twist it into a bun. When your workout is finished, shake out your hair for pretty, effortless waves.

2. Use sweat to your advantage

All of the salt in your sweat can do seriously amazing things to your hair- think volume and texture- it takes takes a little know-how to harness it. After your workout use a blow dryer on your roots, massaging them as you go. Spray in a little dry shampoo for extra volume if needed.

3. Own it

Sometimes it’s too much effort to think about doing anything with your hair at all. Trust us, we get it. On those days, pull your hair into a smooth bun before you hit the gym. After, add a cute headscarf like this one from Anthropologie to make the style look intentional.

4. Revive your curls

During your workout, tie your curls back loosely to avoid dents or bumps in your hair. Afterward, spray your curls with a little water or B.b. Curl pre-style/re-style primer to revive them.

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