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How to Find Your New Favorite Hairstylist

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Maybe you’ve just moved to a new city, or maybe you just need a change. Either way, shopping around for a new hairstylist isn’t easy. But finding someone who you click with is the best way to get the haircut that you really want. After all, your hair is an outfit that you wear every day, you should entrust it to the right stylist.

1. Schedule a consultation

Most salons offer free consultation, which is a quick appointment to meet with a stylist and talk about your hair. Bring in pictures of hairstyles that you like, but also be open to suggestions. Then, if you like what you hear, book an appointment.

2. Ask Around

If you spot the hairstyle of your dreams on someone with a similar texture, ask them who cuts their hair! They will more than likely be flattered, and you’ll get a tip on a great stylist in the area. For extra good karma, get the name of the person who referred you. Your stylist will love to know who’s spreading the word about their work around town.

3. Book a blowout

It’s a low-risk way to get a feel for a salon. And if nothing else, at least you’ll get a great hair day (or two) out of the experience. Before you go, check out Groupon or Living Social for deals or discounts.

4. Get online

Google or Yelp reviews can lead you to a great salon, and even a particular stylist at that salon. The more reviews the better- it provides a more realistic picture of the salon.

5. Check out social media

Many salons these days have Facebook or Instagram accounts, and there is no better way to see a stylist’s work. Once you’ve decided on a salon, do a search for them on social media (the geotagging feature on Instagram is great for this). It’ll give you a feel for the salon and you can see the stylists’ range of work. Who know, maybe you’ll be inspired to make a big hair change!

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