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Tips from our stylists: How to protect your hair at the beach this summer.

Now that the weather forecast is starting to look pretty summery in Boston, we’re anxious to get to the beach and start enjoying summer. We love a good ocean swim but we also love our perfectly colored ombre and want to maintain it for the summer. We asked our stylists some of their favorite tips for protecting our hair when we’re on the cape this summer.

Rinse and Repeat.

Before you hop in the ocean, rinse your hair with fresh water. Your hair will be less likely to absorb the salt water. Then immediately after swimming rinse the salt water out of your hair to prevent your hair from drying out. If you color your hair, this is especially important to retaining your current color. Salt + Sun will bleach out your hair in no time flat.

Braids are Best.

After your pre-swim rinse, whip your hair into a braid, which will help project your strands and will make the apres-swim detangling session much less painful. If you’re feeling extra cautious, whip your hair up into a swim cap. There’s a wide range of styles

In Love with the Coco.

Or rather, coconut oil. If you’re at a beach with no access to a freshwater shower, lather your locks in coconut oil. It will moisturize your hair while also repelling the salt water from absorbing. Our favorite? Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut oil. At six bucks a pop, you can be extra liberal with it.

Three Cs. Condition, Clarify & Cut.

We know the summer months are hectic, but it is so important to come into the salon to get conditioning treatments and regular cuts throughout the summer months to keep your color looking good and your hair looking healthy. Ask your stylist which Kerastase recipe he or she recommends and enjoy the extra long scalp massage from one of our assistants. On your way out, we recommend getting a Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo and use it weekly to eliminate buildup in your hair caused by swimming & pollution.

We hope these tips keep your summer hair looking healthy and gorgeous!

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