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Product Spotlight: Our Fine Hair Favorites

Does the warmer weather leave your fine hair falling flat and looking frizzy? With summer comes more time in the sun, damage from the ocean or pools and higher levels of humidity. The combination of these things can leave your hair lifeless and lackluster.

Our stylists advise clients with fine hair to get soft layers cut into their hair to encourage movement and volume. Shorter cuts work well because the hair isn't weighed down. Be sure to rough dry your hair upside down with your hands and only take a brush to your locks at the very end to smooth it out.

In addition to cut and styling, our stylists have shared a few of their favorite products for their fine-haired clients:

1. Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

These lightweight products are designed for fine hair, so they are moisturizing while almost weightless. The shampoo seals split ends and smooths, while the conditioner contains a silk powder that adheres to hair strands and separates them for fullness.

2. Kerastase Crystalliste Cristal Sculpt & Masque

Moisture is key for fine hair in the summer, but often times, products are too heavy and will leave your hair flat. The Kerastase Crystalliste line is a godsend in that regard. Featherweight with Aloe Vera and Ceramide technology, your hair will feel smooth and bouncy upon application. The Cristal Sculpt can be used on wet hair, before heat styling or throughout the day as flyaways pop up. The Masque is a great to use once a week on your mid-shaft to the ends, especially if you're doing a lot of heat styling or bleaching during the summer.

2. MoroccanOil Dry Shampoo & Luminous Hairspray

The dry shampoo is a must have! The starch absorbs oils and residue, while the argon extract smooths and shines your hair. Available in a light and dark tone, a spray of this to your roots should give you an extra boost midday. Additionally, the lighter tone has a hint of violet to combat any brassy tones from the sun.

After your style your hair, finish it off with this medium finish spray to hold your curls or beachy waves without weighing them down.

With these products in your rotation, you should be set for summer. Because we believe everyone should have a good hair day every single day.

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