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8 reasons you should say 'NO' to box color

We touched base with stylists Amnon, Kiki, Renee, and Maria to find out why clients should always say no to box color. Here are 8 reasons why:

1. Box color is a #savage on your hair:

Does box color leave your hair silky smooth after every application? Contrary to popular belief, it is actually causing more damage to your hair. Companies adds silicon and waxes to its products to give your hair that 'baby hair' finish. Adding unnecessary chemicals to your hair is a big no-no.

2. Box color gives you #nocontrol with tones (i.e. warm and cool tones):

Just like the One Direction song, No Control, box color gives you no control with tones. Stylist based your hair color on many things like skin tone, hair type, etc. Many box colors leave you with one tone that may not work for your personal style. Leave it to the professionals to give that personal touch to your hair color formula.

3. There is no such thing as '10 washes' with semi-permanant box color:

Box color can be so unpredictable, its wash cycle is no different. Many companies claim their semi-permanent color washes out in 10 washes. But with companies having no idea what hair type you are, you could be left with an ugly hue like a bad date that should have ended at the appetizer.

4. Allergy alert!

Many of us suffer from spring allergies, so why should we suffer even more from nasty allergies associated with box color? Box color's chemical cocktail can cause swelling, thinning hair, rash and even blisters.

5. Shelf life of box color:

We know the 2000s are making a comeback, but when your hair color expired in 2009, its not a very good look. Many box colors will sit on the shelf for years. Using an old box color could mean that it is already deoxidized and will not result in the color you want. You could desire a black cherry color but end up looking like Carrot Top.

6. No even application:

Its almost impossible to get a balance look on your own. With box color, color overlapping is bound to occur which causes dark spots. Also if you have enough hair, you could run out of dye half way through, giving you lovely Pepe Le Pew the Skunk look. (Unless you are going as him for Halloween then it is perfect!)

7. Box color celebrities are big liars:

Do you really think that celebrities like Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington (no hate, ladies!) sit at their home sinks with a glass of wine and color their hair? The answer is no. They have a team of stylists (#squadgoals ?) helping them with every aspect of their beauty routines. If they leave it to the professional, don't you think you should too?

8. Cost you more in the long run:

If you mess up your hair with a $10 box color and want it professionally corrected, it could cost up to 300+ dollars to fix. In the long run, having your color professionally done can save you from a $300 mistake.

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