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3 Haute Services for Spring

In the wake of our Haute Living feature, we thought it best to share a few pampering and luxurious offerings at the salon. If you missed the article, you can read it here! Whether you're looking for a Mother's Day gift or a little pick me up as the weather gets warmer, we've got what you need.

1. Facial

If you're not in the routine of getting facials, you should consider starting. We recommend a seasonal facial (monthly is even better if you can swing it) to clear your pores, increase blood flow to your skin and combat aging. This is especially important as spring approaches to help reset your skin from the dry winter months. Facials also promote lymphatic drainage, which reduces toxic and fluid retention in your skin. In the hands of our professionals, you'll walk out with a fresh glow and healthier looking skin.

80 & up.

2. Keratin Treatment

The humidity is on the rise and with all the activities you have coming up in the summer, Keratin is a lifesaver. If you're someone who loves vacationing on the Cape, this treatment will allow you to let your hair air dry in even the most humid of climates as you head to dinner with your man. All while looking chic, natural and beautiful. If you're like me and your air dried hair looks more like a stray dog's fur than Gisele-esque, Keratin is a game changer. While the price point is high, you have to ask yourself, what's your time worth? You'll more than make up for it in the amount of time you save in styling. (Note, consult your stylist on the proper Keratin care to ensure it lasts the maximum amount of time).

300 & up.

3. Gloss Treatment

With summer comes added time spent in the sun. I'm already sun-burnt from a Marathon Monday brunch escapade and my locks look lighter. Gloss treatments will combat the brassy effect that comes with the sun beating down on your hair color. Brunettes may notice a reddish tint to their brown and blondes will start to feel brassy. If you're wondering what exactly brassy means, it's just what it sounds like. Instead of a neutral golden, your hair will start develop a warmer hue reminiscent of the Boston State House's dome. A gloss treatment will extend your time between highlights, which is also optimal for those of us with busy summer travel plans.

50 & up.

To book any of these appointments, you can either call (617)558-6388 or book online!

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