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Coachella 2016: Spring and Summer Trends

Coachella is the biggest music and art festival located in Indio, California. It is also THE place to spot the upcoming Spring and Summer trends. This year we spotted new hair colors and styles that are sure to be #trending!

Pastels and platinums are the reigning champs for this spring/summer season. Kylie Jenner and many others were rocking the pastels all weekend. Kylie (left) is rocking rainbow pastel french braids. She also wore a long pastel peach wig for day 1 at Coachella. Taylor Swift (right) surprised everyone with a new icy blonde platinum look for the weekend. This icy blonde color keeps popping up everywhere and we are excited to see what the spring/summer brings for this look.

There have been rumors that the 90s were making a come back again; its officially back in the form of Gwen Stefani inspired space buns or double buns. This look has been around all season, but we haven't seen so many double buns in one place like Coachella since a No Doubt concert. Model Kendall Jenner (left) 'modeled' the space buns with a gold glitter part during the festival. While Katy Perry (right) is chilling with her girls in pastel buns.

Braids! Braids were everywhere at the festival. We saw Kylie Jenner with her rainbow pastel french braid wig. Scream Queen's Lea Michele (left) completed her sporty chic look with classic french braids and a red lip. We even saw braids on the men like Brooklyn Beckham (right) with his little peek a boo braids. Are bro-braids the new man-buns of the season?

Last week, we talked how to achieve beachy waves. Readers, you are officially ahead of the #trend! Beachy waves have always been a festival must, but this year beachy waves were mixed with feathers, beads, and even flash tattoos. Former Vampire Diaries' star Nina Dobrev's (left) beachy waves shows off her Balayage while Model, Gigi Hadid's (right) waves shows off her rooted blonde hair.

What are your #hairgoals this spring/summer season?

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