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Talked about Trend: Icy Blonde

Perhaps it's the fact that Gwen Stefani seems to be aging in reverse like Benjamin Button, but we're suddenly obsessed with her hair all over again. It's harkening us back to those No Doubt days where we mimicked her wife beaters and face jewels. She's a total icon. So what better than to come to Icon for her look?

The Look:

Icy blonde hair can go in two directions: Rocker chic a la Gwen or more modern minimalist like Tilda Swinton. If you're into minimal architectural clothing and want your hair to be part of the statement, this is for you.

Who Should Rock It:

Platinum hair is not for the faint of heart for two reasons. One: You'll need to prioritize coming to Icon regularly to tone your color, get Olaplaex treatments and root touch ups. Two: If your hair isn't styled, it looses the chic feel and turns a little more, well, Brittany Murphy in 8-Mile. You get the point.

How to Style it:

One word. OLAPLAEX. It will be your best friend. Also, be sure to pick up any of our sulfate free lines of shampoo and conditioner. We recommend this for people with a bit of length who aren't afraid to go shorter. Because of all the processing, our stylists will recommend chopping a good amount of your ends off to keep your hair from looking damaged.

It's a lot of upkeep, but the dramatic effect of platinum will forever be iconic.

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