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Talked about Trend: Rooty Blonde

We're totally #WCW-ing (that's Woman Crush Wednesday for our non-instagrammers) on assistant Romilda's rooted ombre hair style (see below) and are now recommending it to our clients left and right. Not only will this style amp up your cool factor, it's also conveniently low maintenance so you can get away with a few months between visits to your Icon stylist in case you're vacationing a lot this summer.

The Look:

Blonde but with dark roots a la Courtney Love. It gives off a hip, edgy, low maintenance aura.

Who we think should rock it:

Fashion forward ladies, this is for you. The rooty blonde look makes even a soccer mom haircut suddenly look edgy and chic.

How to style it:

We suggest a messy, choppy long bob or layered longer hair for this look. We suggest styling your look with Bumble & Bumble's surf infusion for a slightly messy, "I woke up like this" cool girl vibe. Be sure to get an Olaplaex add in to your color so your hair is damage free after processing.

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