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5 Tips to Communicating with your Icon Stylist

Have you ever left a salon feeling like your hair didn't wind up looking like the vision you had in your head? Your description of a wispy bob felt more like a pixie? Or you felt like you still looked like a brunette when you said you wanted to lighter? We've all been there... it's a classic case of client/stylist misunderstandings that can be cleared up with some tips from our top stylists.

1. Be You.

When you come into the salon, wear your hair as you normally style it. If you're still getting to know your stylist, tell them more about your personality and lifestyle. For instance, if you are a fitness instructor, you may want a cut that requires less styling and has enough length for a pony tail. If you work in a creative field, your stylist can then recommend an edgier more fashion forward style for you. Stylists are great at picking up these cues, but you can make their job a lot easier if you lay it out for them.

2. Be careful with the words you choose.

A lot of words in the hair industry are completely subjective. "Short" for you might mean a cut to the collar bone, whereas short to a stylist may be more Robin Wright in House of Cards. Be very specific and use clear words when describing your ideal look.

3. Bring in visuals. But also be prepared for your stylists to tell you it isn't possible.

Pinterest can be a stylist's best friend (or worst enemy), but it's great to have some images so you can show your stylist what looks and styles you love. That being said, a lot of images on pinterest are photoshopped and retouched. Your stylist will be realistic with you on what you can achieve with YOUR texture, thickness and natural color. A sleek Kate Bosworth bob might turn out to be high maintenance if your hair is more Shakira-esque in texture.

4. If you're not sure what you like, tell your stylist what you don't like.

Stylists can discern a lot by hearing what your current hair woes are. Be honest and open about what you're struggling with. Whatever your issue, they can recommend a color, cut or product to solve your hair issues.

5. Allow your stylist to do what they do best.

Our stylists have an objective view of your hair and personal style and can often pick cuts and colors that you might never select for yourself. If you've been in a hair rut, perhaps it's time to loosen the reigns and see what your stylist thinks is best.

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