Iconic Health: Stinging Nettles

Spring is finally here. The trees are blooming, the grass is growing and a lot of us are suffering from seasonal allergies. As someone who has studied herbs and their medicinal properties, I knew there had to be something that could help me ease my symptoms, without having to resort to taking a pharmaceutical. One such herb is the amazing Stinging Nettle.

Nettles have many medicinal properties, some of which are listed below.


  • Blood purifier and diuretic.

  • Used for treating allergic rhinitis - hay fever

  • Used for urinary problems and rheumatic problems.

  • Used for anemia, arthritis, food or pollen allergies, head and chest colds, relief of asthma and bronchial cough, and prostratitis.

  • The tea with honey and lemon is used as a stimulant.

  • Increases flow of milk in nursing mothers.

  • Makes an astringent gargle for sore throats and mouthwash for bleeding gums.

  • Tea used as a rinse for dandruff.


I like to drink nettle tea in the spring. It has a cool, dry, slightly bitter flavor, similar to green tea. It is very soothing to the mind and body. Relaxing yet invigorating. It is a powerful blood strengthener and detoxifier. For allergies, consider taking nettles in a capsule form. You can find both the tea and the capsules at your local health food store or at Whole Foods.

Yours in health,

Renee Koczkodan

Certified Holistic Health Coach