Behind the Scenes: Ethereal Enchantment Shoot






Hair - Maria Leone

Photography - Marco Evangelisti

Makeup - Maryelle O'Rourke

Video - Marc Beauvois

Clothing Styling - Kate Kelner









Maria, inspired by her client Julia's innocent and delicate beauty, created a photo shoot with romantic fairytale vibes.  After giving Julia soft highlights and a trim, she styled her hair in curls with bohemian braids.  For the clothing, Maria and Kate chose a gossamer, ombre DVF gown and barefeet to complete the look. 


The shoot began on seamless white, with a beauty dish and two lights for imagery that highlighted Julia's youthful beauty and gorgeous doe eyes.






For these shots, Maria did a soft braided knot on Julia's left side with curls cascading over her shoulders.


After the seamless close ups, Maria did a more dramatic bouffant with a braided flower on Julia's right side.  For the next shots, our team utilized the industrial freight elevator in our photography space, which offered a nice gritty juxtaposition to the romantic boho styling of the hair and clothing.  


Below are the final shots!








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