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Iconic Health: The Importance of Downtime

My boyfriend and I had a chance to get away this weekend, and man, was it heaven. So often I find myself, as a health coach, telling my clients and loved ones about how important it is to allow yourself to slow down. Relax. Truly stop and be grateful for what is right in front of you at the moment. As a society, I find that we are always running on empty, trying to squeeze every last bit of energy and second out of ourselves and the day. Especially as women, I feel like the idea of sitting down, when there is always something I could be doing, can feel wrong. Guilt can start to creep in. Here is what I've found to be repeatedly true, if you do not stop to take care of yourself, you will not be good for anyone or anything else. Burnt out is the last place you want to find yourself. That's why down time is so important. Even two nights away can have a profoundly healing effect on your over-all health. Everything from sleeplessness, headaches, cravings, pain, depression and stress, amongst other things, can be benefited form a short get-away.

I decided to practice what I preach, and take a much needed get-away, and head up to the Laconia, N.H. area for some R&R. We stayed at Steele Hill Resort, in Sanborton, N.H. In my opinion, you just can't beat the view for the lakes region!


I got up early both mornings and enjoyed practicing yoga to the sunrise. Since this was the final weekend of my 3 week cleanse, I decided to reward myself with a day at the Tranquility Spa at the Lake Opechee Inn, in Laconia. O. M. G.! I highly recommend that everyone experience a day at the spa once in your life. Total. Complete. Indulgence. But, Wow! Do I feel amazing! I started the day with an infrared sauna. Then I got an exfoliation/seaweed wrap, then a facial, and I decided to cap it off with a mani and pedi. I thought I died and went to heaven. Every one of the women that attended to me that day were amazing! I felt completely rested and de-stressed. Having all of that time to think helped me tap into some much needed creative thought and inspiration relating to my life and work.


We capped the night off with dinner at a somewhat new, farm to table restaurant, named Local Eatery. It is right in the town center of Laconia. We usually go to anther farm to table restaurant in the area, called Tavern 27, which we love, by the way, so I was a little nervous about the food, especially since it was my first night out since starting the cleanse. I am happy to say that they exceeded my expectations! They knew where every ingredient came from, source things locally, were happy to cook to order for me, and did it all in good time and with pleasure and grace. We will definitely be back to this restaurant, and I hope if you guys are in the area, that you'll check it out as well. It has a laid back vibe to it, just like the whole area.

I find myself back home now, ready to dance with mother nature and all of the snow she has bestowed upon us, as well as take on and deal with anything that may come my way this week. And I will do it with happiness and gratitude. This is what a weekend away did for me. <3


Renee Koczkodan

Certified Holistic Health Coach

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