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Iconic Health: Coconut Split Pea Soup

Coconut Split Pea Soup

Fall has definitely arrived here in New England. It is my favorite season by far, from the sweater weather, slightly chilly evenings, to the leaves changing and nature bursting into beautiful colors. I am also ready at this point to change up from my usual colder, raw food choices, to incorporating some warm, comforting foods. This is where my slow cooker comes in. Man do I love my slow cooker. Nothing beats it for whipping up delicious, healthy yet hearty meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner, in less then 20 minutes. An added bonus to them is that you get to come home to, or wake up to, the house smelling yummy!

I came across this recipe for a Coconut Split Pea Soup through the Food Babe newsletter. It was a huge success at work and at home! It took me about 15 minutes to throw together in the morning, was comforting, filling and delicious, and it was warm and ready for me when I walked in the door from work! Click on the link to get the recipe and read a little bit from an Ayurvedic perspective about how and why this soup helps to conquer cravings and can help you to eat less. Enjoy!

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