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Icon Product Test Run: Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo

Do you ever delay booking your Keratin treatment because you have an event within the 72 hour no-washing-window and you want your hair to be presentable? We're testing some products to carry in the salon so you can squeak by those 72 hours looking squeaky clean. First up to bat: The Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo.

THREE different color options! Most powdered dry shampoos only have a white option, and brunettes are left to deal with their natural oils or risk looking like Morticia Adams. We know greige hair is all the rage on the runway, but it somehow doesn't translate when you're riding the Green Line and someone gives up their seat to you because they overshoot your age by 50 years. Thanks but no thanks.

The brush application allows for even distribution and boosts volume at your roots. Pocket-sized, this lil guy can fit right into your purse or gym bag for on the go oil diffusion and as a bonus it has a great fruity scent!

Readers, is this a product you would like to see offered at our salon? Send an email to to weigh in!

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