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December 28, 2016

We often forget that the winter can be just as damaging for our hair as summer. The cold weather outside in combination with the indoor heating can cause major issues on our strands. Split ends, breakage, flaky scalp and so much more. It's important to love your hair e...

December 14, 2016


Black to blonde in one session? Olaplex can make it possible. Colorists dreams have come true with this hair reconstructing treatment that allows the broken disulfide bonds to be rebuilt during the coloring process. However, when used correctly, Olaplex offers m...

March 17, 2015


 Our wonderful stylist Li gave her client Balayage Babylights using Wella's new Freelights lightener created for hand painted hilighting techniques.  Babylights, in leyman's terms, is a method of creating natural looking hilights that mimic the way our hair used to bl...

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