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Amanda Natale, Stylist/Colorist


Amanda attended Paul Mitchell the School Rhode Island, one of the most prestigious cosmetology schools in the country, where she finished her program early and with honors. Given her passion and thirst for education, she knew there was so much more to learn.

Amanda came back to Boston and worked as an apprentice on Newbury Street, where she completed a 2-year advanced hair cutting program in just eight months. She also expanded her color knowledge and technique by attending hands on classes with Goldwell, Beth Minardi, and Wella.


Now, here at Icon Salon, she still attends advanced cutting and color classes to keep her skills sharp and her technique on-trend. Combining her precision, knowledge, and passion, she has taken the cutting and color techniques she has learned throughout her training and made them her own.

"I have a passion for making others see and feel how beautifulthey are, inside and out. If I can make a client smile by the end of each day, I have done my job. And that is all that truly matters." ~Amanda

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